The first conference designed to help nursery managers through the new Inspection Framework – and you’re invited!

At Hopscotch we work with nursery managers and leaders day-in, day-out. We understand why you are passionate about your setting and why you strive to balance the needs of owners, customers and your staff team – a tightrope that we know can sometimes seem impossible to walk without falling off!


Helping managers and leadership teams meet and conquer their challenges is in our DNA.

We know that time and time again it’s the same issues that threaten to trip you up. And we know that our help solving those problems not only lifts a weight off your shoulders but also frees you up to achieve your goals both in your setting and in your own career.


Our Nursery Managers Conference for 2020 is all about you.

It’s about preparing you to lead your team through a crucial transition in the Early Years framework. It’s about giving you the toolkit you need to meet the challenges of a change in focus from the regulator. And it’s about building a network of fellow managers and leaders so that you can continue to share best practice and find support long after the conference is over!


Two days. Four fun and inspiring sessions. And countless great memories.

Held across two days at the four-star Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa in Leeds, our conference is packed with masterclasses from experienced Early Years professionals and consultant practitioners who currently run Outstanding settings and who understand where your pain points are as managers and how to overcome them and take your leadership and your setting to the next level.

Our four sessions zero in on four of the key focus areas in the new Early Years inspection framework and are built round fun, interactive and energising masterclasses from our speakers. We’ll empower you to go back into your setting with a complete understanding of what’s changed and with real strategies to implement those changes with your team.

With the opportunity to network and share best practice across buffet lunch on both days, and the chance to unwind and even get a bit of well-deserved pampering in the luxurious spa before a delicious three-course dinner and further chance to pick our consultants’ brains, this is the perfect one-stop shop for nursery managers and leaders!



The all-in price of £399 per delegate includes:

  • Four masterclass seminars hosted by Hopscotch’s industry-leading experts
  • One night’s accommodation in the 4* Thorpe Park Hotel with full English breakfast
  • Three-course dinner and networking evening
  • Buffet lunch on both days
  • Unlimited use of the luxurious spa facilities, with pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room all included
  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks in between seminar sessions
  • Complimentary car parking
  • Free wi-fi throughout your stay
  • Certificate of completion of all masterclasses
  • Membership to private Facebook group for participants to continue to share best practice
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Our masterclass sessions zero in on some of the key focus areas in the new inspection framework – and give you the knowledge and the tools to meet them head on:

Mental Health First Aid & Staff Wellbeing

Mental Health First Aid & Staff Wellbeing

Not only a focus of the new Early Years Inspection Framework, but one of the most important issues affecting society as a whole, we are finally having serious discussions about the challenges we face as practitioners and how we can support each other to maximise our mental health and avoid the dangers associated with mental ill health. Our accredited masterclass will give you the tools you need to identify the signs and symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, and also clear and proven strategies to use as part of your Mental Health action plan. We’ll teach you how to start conversations about mental health and what advice to provide. We all know at least one colleague who has struggled with mental health issues – this course will help you build a robust process around the wellbeing of your team and helping your colleagues through difficult times. We’ll also spend time diving in to how staff wellbeing is assessed as part of an inspection and how you can clearly evidence that you are meeting the requirements of the framework.

Walk The (Learning) Walk & Talk The Talk

Walk The (Learning) Walk & Talk The Talk

Are you mystified by the appearance of ‘Learning Walks’ in the new inspection framework? What do they mean? How do you evidence what an inspector is looking for when you're conducting one? This session will clear up all your questions and put you on the front foot ready to fully implement Learning Walks into your toolkit! We’ll explain what an inspector is looking for on a learning walk and how you can demonstrate that your curriculum and environment is providing outstanding learning, development and assessment for the children in your care. Linking in to the key changes around curriculum and the 'Three I's', we'll role-model a quality learning walk and give you the confidence to deliver both at inspection and in your everyday practice!

Cultural Capital Masterclass

Cultural Capital Masterclass

What is 'Cultural Capital', and why has it suddenly appeared in the heart of your inspection framework? Isn't 'capital' to do with money? Isn't it just British Values with a different name? If you've thought any of the above or overheard your staff talking about it, then this masterclass is for you! Cultural Capital is how you can give the children in your care the foundation they need to have a broad and deep experience of life in modern Britain, and what you need to do to evidence that you're generating awe and wonder in every child. We’ll take you through why Cultural Capital is a key focus in the framework, why it means a different thing to every setting, street and social group and how you can easily explain it to your teams and embed it in your practice. You’ll have the confidence to show the inspector that you ‘get it’!

Vive La Difference: Making The Framework Fit Your Unique Pedagogy

Vive La Difference: Making The Framework Fit Your Unique Pedagogy

Our sector is one of the most regulated and it can at times stop us from being as unique as the children and families that we support along with the teams that we nurture and grow. But does this actually come from hearsay and even our own insecurities? True uniqueness means that while we must fully understand our duties and obligations, we should be brave enough to stand firmly behind our own pedagogical vision, and to be able to communicate that in the context of the new inspection framework. Ownership of our pedagogy enables us to have a thorough and true picture of our unique settings, allowing us to cascade our ethos into practical and positive partnerships with and for all stakeholders. You may feel constrained and pulled towards an ethos that you do not truly believe in, if you could grow a belief and make a positive step towards being pedagogically proud then it will become infectious and enable you to grow both your setting vision, ethos and business. Be daringly different, it is what makes us all unique!

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February 6th-7th 2020, Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa, Leeds

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It has never been a harder time to survive in the childcare industry.
At Hopscotch we understand the financial constraints that are putting the sector under pressure. We work to ensure early years providers are sustainable whilst also creating a rich and stimulating environment for children. Our team have extensive management and executive experience and can ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality.

No matter what you and your settings need, Hopscotch can help. Our consultants have inspected thousands of Early Years provisions and Hopscotch have helped hundreds of settings to achieve their goals. As inspectors, we’ve seen the very best and worst of the sector – so we know exceptional practice when we see it. And as consultants, we’ve worked on every kind of project – from settings in danger of closure by the authorities, to settings who wish to offer something that has never been done before in Early Years, to settings that are just a twinkle in the eye of a person with a vision and a dream!

Of course, our core services are around pre- and post-Ofsted support. We know that these periods can be the busiest, most stressful but ultimately the most rewarding of our time as operators and practitioners. We know that you need us to be quick to respond to your immediate needs, flexible enough to adapt when we see opportunities and challenges in your provision, and dedicated to your success in the same way that you and your staff teams are.

Our reputation in the sector comes from the excellence of our consultants and the bonds we build with our customers. We walk the road arm-in-arm with you and share your goals and dreams and we are always available to help when a challenge rears its head. For more information and to learn about the Hopscotch experience, please feel free to browse around this website – or better still, contact us to find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals!

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